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Registration Information

School Registration Information

Notice: When registering your student at Buhach Colony High School a parent or guardian must be present.

Please have all of these when you come to register:

1. Parent/Legal Guardian and student must be present when enrolling student.

2. Proof of residence (PG&E, Rent agreement, Atwater City bill)

3. Immunization Records- TDAP Proof

4. Transcripts and Drop Slip w/drop grades from previous school

5. If there is an IEP please provide a copy of the Special Education Active IEP and last Psych report (If any)

6. Discipline (If any)

Please bring in items the day of enrollment or call school and have them FAX this information to us prior to enrolling student. Your student CAN NOT be enrolled if items are missing.


Contact Us

To set up an appointment please contact:

Joan Alvarez


Phone: 209-325-1441

Fax: 209-357-6078