Counseling & Guidance

Counselors are assigned to students by grade level rather than by alphabet. This allows for all students to remain with the same counselor during their time at Buhach Colony. Grade-level assignments allow for counselors to provide more focused attention specific to a grade level during the school year. Students across each grade level will receive a consistent message from one voice regarding all things counseling resulting in a better experience for both students and parents. Below you will find the counselor assignments for the year as well as counselor contact information.

Counselor Email Phone Number
9th Grade: Matt Lawler




10th Grade: Jennifer Sousa



11th Grade: Blanca Rodriguez




12th Grade: Olga Powell




If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Counseling Office at 325-1424. Roll Thunder!


Counseling Corner Newsletter

Counseling Corner - 1st Quarter


Counselors are available an extra hour each day (2:45PM - 3:45PM) to help support student needs.  Counselors are available to help all students during this time regardless of grade level.  Please see the schedule below for counselor availability.

  • Monday: Matt Lawler
  • Tuesday: Jen Sousa and Olga Powell
  • Wednesday: Jen Sousa and Blanca Rodriguez
  • Thursday: Blanca Rodriguez and Olga Powell
  • Friday: Matt Lawler