Community Service

250 Hours of Service = Red Cord Recognition at Graduation Ceremony

√ All students who accumulate at least 250 hours of community service while in high school are recognized with a community service cord at the graduation ceremony (You can start the summer before your freshman year).

√ Complete a CONTRACT online you begin your community service and turn in hours monthly. See Guidance Techs for details.


1. Community service must be for a non-profit organization, agency, or institution.

If your site is NOT non-profit your hours will not count-please make sure the site is non-profit &is not located in a private home.

2. You may not count work performed as part of your efforts to raise funds for or to assist your club or club event unless those funds are given directly to a charity or community agency.

3. Participation in performances, festivals or competitions does not count as volunteer service unless:

*The performance meets an identified community service need, and there is not admission charge or donation accepted for the performance, and student participation is of a voluntary nature, and the performance does not promote the sponsoring organization, and neither the student organization nor the sponsoring organization receives any form of payment for the performance.

4. Rehearsal and practice time may never be counted for volunteer service hours.

5. Service performed as a result of disciplinary action cannot be counted.

6. Attending meetings as part of a membership requirement cannot be counted.

7. Volunteer work done to promote a particular religious, political politician or political point of view cannot be counted as volunteer hours.

8. Students may perform service during the summer, school year, weekends, nights. vacation, etc.

9. You may not work at a site that is based out of a private residence.

10. You may not work as a TA at BCHS during the school day and receive community service credit

11. Volunteering in family businesses or profit-making organization cannot be counted.

** Some suggestions or allowable exceptions: School summer programs, Atwater PALS, Merced Animal Control, Red Cross, Mercy Medical Center, Anberry, Atw. Parks & Rec. NOT ALLOWED: Dr. offices, professional offices, veterinarian offices, profit day cares, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.