Principal's Welcome

BCHS Family & Friends,

I am thrilled to begin the 2022/23 school year as your principal. It is a job I do not take lightly. BCHS has many opportunities for students to be involved in, as well as family events in the evening. 

Please note that after the bell rings the school is only accessible through the front door.  We have a new safety system to greet any visitor and escort them to their destination.  Also, our health office is now in F35 and has its own entrance and exit.  This was also implemented for safety.  

We encourage you to participate in your child's education. Education is the key to a successful future and will open many doors for your child.  Please reach out to your child's teacher, counselor and administrative staff.  We have many time honored traditions that we look forward to sharing with you this school year; ROLL THUNDER!


Jennifer L Euker, Principal, BCHS


Buhach Colony Students, Staff, Faculty and Administration share a common posture and core set of values. We strive daily to embody our Thunder PRIDE.

Productivity We at Buhach Colony are Productive Individuals Who:

  • Are punctual and prepared as a means to be constructive.
  • Utilize our time efficiently to create quality work and meet established goals.
  • Inquire and research to become knowledgeable across a broad range of disciplines.

Respect We at Buhach Colony are Respectful Citizens Who:

  • Display and extend, through both language and appearance, kindness, dignity, and
  • courtesy.
  • Are positive interpersonal and digital communicators.
  • Honor school rules and procedures
  • Are caring and considerate of school and personal property.

Integrity We at Buhach Colony are People of Integrity Who:

  • Are principled and act responsibly.
  • Display ethical behavior including but not limited to trustworthiness, responsibility,
  • fairness, sportsmanship, and citizenship.
  • Do and stand for what is right, because it is right.

Determination We at Buhach Colony show determination through:

  • Critically and creatively thinking, identifying, analyzing and finding solutions to
  • challenges or problems.
  • Displaying dedication, taking risks, and persevering despite difficulties.
  • Reflective and purposeful preparation for lifelong learning and a balanced future.

Equity We at Buhach Colony value equity by:

  • Treating others as we would wish to be treated.
  • Acting fairly
  • Fostering an open-minded environment that welcomes diverse cultures, beliefs, and attitudes that may be different from our own.